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Monday, December 28, 2009


So much these days is not what it is. Let me explain. So much today is just valued on the face of what it seems it might be but isn't. We've seen this happen in the financial markets and we see it happen in many other things in life. In the world of startups (need link to definition here) this is also true. I see so many companies get funded on their face value it's gut wrenching. But that's not the reason for my post.

Recently I had to go through this process of interviewing - long story short - I had to qualify for something on the basis of my track record, personality, skills, etc - in general the usual stuff one would need for a job of any kind. When the jury came out I was perplexed with the feedback. I am not a guy who dwells too much on rejection or denial. I really have made a whole life out of plummeting through rejection and persevering, etc. But this one was too much. In short I had been rejected not because I did not have a great background, not because I was not a great guy (that "could even go out for a drink with"), not because I was not smart - so much that whatever I did not know I could figure out. There was just one problem - I was not the right guy for the part. In so much that I did not look "corporate" or "bureaucratic" enough (these are exact words used when giving me feedback). That expression came to mind immediately: it's note enough to be Cesar's wife, one must look like Cesar's wife (paraphrasing). And it prompted me to revisit a French philosopher that I hadn't thought much about for a while - don't know why because Jean Baudrillard has pretty much explained modern society's core value structure with artfulness. Yes, i was being "rejected" because of perception. I did not play the part. This was actually expressed to me.

So much these days is based on the Simulacra (as defined by braudillard). That amazing ability to just look like you are and be valued for what you look like you could be but are not. This is in a way Paris Hilton and so many such people. They never did a thing, they are even unfit for their job, but they fit the part - they look like they are. And today, oh-today so much is about looking rather than being. The essence has been entirely obliterated and all that's left is appearance...

Next blog I will let out how I managed to raise 1.2M on this concept alone...or better, that I only managed to raise a round of 1.2M Angel money when I realized that what you look like is more important to investors than what you really are... even if you are good, their idea of good is a different story. It's like running for president (someone told me). More about that later...

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